I’ve been expecting your art.

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Mama Rath won’t hurt you.

I need to get more used to sketching on my tablet so I made a little sketch based on a part of an rp between me and Diamonheart31 where Reiny and Rook chuckle over ben in Rath form slipping and falling and of course Rath gets mad, and start scarying the two little big chill infaints in the room and Rath comforts them not wanting to see his little babies cry.


So, I’m finally watching the Omniverse series. X°D God I was so not sure about starting it (in fact I’m watching it just now and I’v always been a fan of Ben 10 since the very first season). I think it was the changed style that disturbed me, but then I saw some drawings of Ben and this new guy, Rook, and I kinda like the design of this alien. So I became veryevery curious and I watched the first episode.

Okay, I shipped Gwevin very hard in the past, so the first 10 minutes of the episode were a bit disappointing to me because - I mean- the two characters that I loved that actually left?? Ooooh so sad! But then Rook arrived! And, yes, I knew he was cool.

And I immediately started shipping these two. Ahahahahah. 

Sorry I always found teen Ben a bit annoying, but with Rook it’s another thing! I even tolerate his megalomaniac behavior. I find it very funny near Rook! 

Also, the new designe seemed to be something bad, but I’m actually liking it because of the animation! It’s more fluid, more expressive, and I appreciate just watching it even if there is only a slow fight (that in the other series I most not like)

Okaaay then. I’m going to watch another episode I guess.


an au where they actually…go to class


… I have a thing for males and sweaters

… also hey, its been a while (╯_╰)


imagine if they used actual super suits!°˖ ✧(╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )✧˖ °
mhmm…but I wasn’t born to draw super suits~
//so lately I’ve been thinking about not drawing anymore, but this seemed like a good idea


Fluffyfluffy stuff


y’know just casually holdin the bf after he takes a magic blast, no big deal